Editorial Content Guidelines

Mission Statement

At The Vape Insider, our mission is to provide a journal for readers containing correct, accurate, and easily digestible information related to vaping, and research related to those seeking to quit smoking. To achieve this goal, our team of writers and editors follows a rigorous set of guidelines and principles. Here is an overview of our editorial guidelines to ensure the quality and integrity of our content.

1. Reliable Sources: Transparency and originality are core principles at The Vape Insider. If we reference external information, we ensure that our sources are reputable entities within the vaping industry. We provide proper attribution to the original source of information, maintaining the integrity of our content.

2. Affiliate Disclosure: At The Vape Insider, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering independent and impartial content. Our integrity is upheld through honest, transparent, and equitable writing and editorial standards. While some of our posts may include affiliate links to support our website’s maintenance, none of these affiliations or partnerships with business entities influence or affect our comparisons, guides, or any other content we present. Our articles and content always prioritise objectivity.

3. Accuracy and Accountability: We employ rigorous measures to ensure the accuracy of our content, including comprehensive fact-checking and a three-tiered editing and verification process. Any content found to be false, misleading, or distorted is promptly rectified. When an article requires editing due to inaccuracies, we clearly label it with a correction note, providing details about the corrected error. Our editorial standards prioritise honesty, transparency, and fairness, underscoring our commitment to integrity in every piece we publish.

4. Our Team: Our team comprises professionals with extensive experience in academia, education, software and journalism. Our in-house writers collaborate to uphold our editorial guidelines. Additionally, we feature industry experts who contribute their knowledge and experiences as contributors. All content, whether from our in-house team or external contributors, undergoes our rigorous editing process to ensure consistency and quality.

8. Open for Feedback: Given the dynamic nature of the vaping industry, we welcome feedback from our readers. If you come across any outdated or factually incorrect content, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page. Your input is invaluable in helping us maintain our commitment to delivering accurate and trustworthy information.

At The Vape Insider, our commitment is to provide independent, impartial, and accurate content. We highly value the trust of our readers and continually strive for integrity in every publication.